Emmy Rudy

On a quiet day in March of 2020, I decided to open my sketchbook that I hadn't used in a decade, and dive back into a favorite hobby of mine, ART! I quickly began to look forward to my weekend mornings, which involved a fresh cup of coffee, relaxing music, and color pencils everywhere. As I finished each piece of art, I thought more and more about how I could share my art with the world in a unique and meaningful way. To this day, I still have my baby blanket from childhood and when my husband isn't looking, I am sure to hold it tight. The blanket continues to bring me the same sense of comfort and happiness as it did when I was a baby! And that is how the Emmy Rudy blanket collection was born.  Creating this collection has brought me so much joy and I hope Emmy Rudy blankets do the same for the special babies in your life!